The expedition to film Uncharted Amazon begins 1st November 2014


The story begins in the deepest reaches of the Amazon rainforest and follows the inter-twining stories of nature’s most marvelous creations, in the places where few people have ever ventured.

Science has revealed to us that within these places exists a series of checks and balances, the unwritten rules that keep any one species from taking over and dominating all other life forms. In the Amazon, where the greatest diversity of species on earth co-exist, there are many of these checks, the birds keep the caterpillars from eating all the leaves, jaguars keep mammal populations at bay and no one species may proliferate beyond all others. 

Until now. There is a new species on the scene. One that is so industrious, so ingenious; that it’s able to tip the balance in its favor and re-engineer the rainforest in its own image. That species is modern man. And there are many people living within the tree’s, some in isolated communities, others as temporary workers that clear the rainforest and subsist off nature’s great abundance. But there are also a select few that are struggling to keep this incredible wilderness intact. Our journey through the rainforest follows lifes challenges, both human and animal, exploring how they relate to form one of the most pressing issues of our time. 

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